Lawrenceville, GAPsalm 107: 23 - 24


Through Beth's experience as a new author, many people have found her guidance helpful in sustaining a more healthy, focused lifestyle. One of the most practical ways her audience has connected to these teachings is through her first book and seminar series, Food Is Not the Boss of Me. While emphasizing the importance of a healthy, motivated lifestyle, the book encourages readers to tackle these underlying issues so that their health can set a positive foundation for their lives.




  • Experience Freedom from bondage; start experiencing God's best for your life
  • Receive total deliverance from obesity and food disorders

  • Discover the underlining driver to the yo-yo diet and see-saw addictions

  • Learn how to take control of your life-take back what has been stolen from you

  • Understand how excess baggage is the detractor that is delaying your promotion

  • Embrace your true identity-get acquainted with the new you!

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"Some go down to the sea and travel over it in ships to do business in great waters; these see the works of the Lord and His wonders in the deep." Psalm 107: 23 - 24

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